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Characters: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie
CompleteRomance3rdF/FSexExplicitGeneral • 6173 words
As the eldest of the Mane 6, Fluttershy's quickly becoming a mare, but she still has a life and can't be tied down by family or foals just yet. And there's no safe way to rid herself of the heat she finds herself in, except with the help of a friend.
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Characters: Applejack, Fluttershy
CompleteRomance3rdF/FSexExplicitGeneral • 1007 words
Fluttershy goes over to Applejacks house for a sleepover and things get out of hand.
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Characters: Angel, Fluttershy
CompleteComedy3rdProfanity, SexExplicitGeneral • 1240 words
Angel's desperate for some loving. Fortunately, Fluttershy is always around to take care of her animals.
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Characters: Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash
CompleteRomance3rdF/FSexExplicitGeneral • 1866 words
When dash has fluttershy sleep over and her true emotions show there is explosive results. !i will be adding more to this story just hoping on a good nights sleep to brew up some ideas! leave what you thought plz as its my first story.
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Characters: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash
CompleteSlice-of-Life3rdF/FSexExplicitGeneral • 3999 words
Inspired by skoons art work https://inkbunny.net/Skoon

the picture in which spawned this story can be found here:

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Characters: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Fluttershy
CompleteSlice-of-Life3rdF/FSex, UnderageExplicitGeneral • 3240 words
A pregnant Fluttershy agrees to babysit the CMC, and gets more than she bargained for.
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Characters: Big Macintosh, Fluttershy, Mane 6, Princess Celestia, The Great and Powerful Trixie
CompleteRomance, Slice-of-Life3rdF/F, F/MSexExplicitGeneral • 31232 words
Fluttershy may be a timid lovable pony on the outside, but she has a more sinister secret.Fluttershy lives a double life as a professional dominatrix. She finds pleasure from the humiliation and whippings of another pony. What happens, though, when her secret leaks out to her friends? Hilarity and saucey encounters ensue.
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Characters: Fluttershy, Mane 6, Spike, Twilight Sparkle
CompleteHorror1stDeath, Torture, ViolenceExplicitGeneral • 5076 words
The true ending to Cupcakes.
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