Derpy Hooves
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Characters: Bon-Bon, Derpy Hooves, Lyra, Rainbow Dash
CompleteRomance, Slice-of-Life3rdAUF/MExplicitGeneral • 10513 words

A romance blooms between one of the three 'bro' ponies, Quarterback, and another background pony, Hairspray. But what happens when Quarterback finds out Hairspray's secret? Can he handle the truth?

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Characters: Derpy Hooves, Twilight Sparkle
F/MCompleteComedy, Romance1stExplicitGeneral • 565 words

The now infamous tale of Bright Eyes AKA Derpy Hooves AKA Ditzy Doo with her one true love... Think of this as a litmus test to how perverted you are on how fast you think the wrong thing.

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Characters: Applejack, Big Macintosh, Bon-Bon, Braeburn, Caramel, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Daisy, Derpy Hooves, Fluttershy, Granny Smith, Hoity Toity, Lily, Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, Other BG Pony, Photo Finish, Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia, Rarity, Roseluck, Snails, Snips, Soarin', Twilight Sparkle, Twist
3rdRape, Sex, UnderageF/F, F/MCompleteExplicitGeneral • 3391 words

Humanized Ponyville-wide gangrape of Fluttershy, with female bukkake, featuring Photo Finish and her assistants.

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Characters: Aloe, Apple Bloom, Applejack, Big Macintosh, Blues, Bon-Bon, Caramel, Carrot Top, Cheerilee, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Derpy Hooves, Diamond Tiara, Dinky Hooves, Fluttershy, Golden Delicious, Lily, Lotus, Lyra, Mane 6, Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, Other BG Pony, Roseluck, Silver Spoon, Snails, Snips, Twist, Zecora
3rdSex, UnderageF/F, F/M, M/MCompleteExplicitGeneral • 2297 words

All the mares of Ponyville are in heat.  Time for an orgy.

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