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Characters: Applejack, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Fluttershy, Mane 6, Original Character(s), Other BG Pony, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Scootaloo, Spike, Sweetie Belle, The Mayor, Twilight Sparkle
CompleteAdventure3rdExplicitGeneral • 4470 words

When Twilight Sparkle loses her schedule, everypony starts to doubt if Winter Wrap-Up will be finished on time.

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Characters: Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie, The Doctor
In ProgressAdventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Slice-of-Life3rdS1, S2F/F, F/M, M/MProfanity, Sex, ViolenceExplicitGeneral • 3807 words

The Doctor and companion meet an old friend of his. He brings him onboard, and the adventures continue.

And not just sexually, either.

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Characters: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Mane 6, Octavia, Original Character(s), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Vinyl Scratch, Zecora
In ProgressAdventure, Romance, Suspense3rdAUF/F, F/MProfanity, Sex, ViolenceExplicitGeneral • 24162 words

A deity, deposed from his throne, is forced to wander the multiverse, searching for happiness. What happens when he arrives in Equestria, and meets a couple that make him happier than he's ever been? Anthro modern AU.

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Characters: Bon-Bon, Lyra, Original Character(s)
In ProgressAdventure, Crossover, Horror, Sci-Fi, Tragedy2ndAUDeathExplicitGeneral • 12908 words

A choose-your-own Wasteland story, Luck of the Draw depends on audience participation to direct the fate of Lucky, the protagonist of the story. Born in Stable 7, a lone pegasus among earth and unicorn ponies, Lucky is anything but. From chapter 1, his fate is in your hands...or hooves, whichever you prefer.

Go to to vote on how the story goes! After enough votes are tallied, the story will progress, for better or worse!

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Characters: Apple Bloom, Applejack, Big Macintosh, Caesar, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Derpy Hooves, Discord, Fluttershy, Gilda, Lily, Mane 6, Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie, Prince Blueblood, Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Royal Guards, Scootaloo, Soarin', Spike, Spitfire, Sweetie Belle, The Wonderbolts, Twilight Sparkle
Death, Profanity, Violence3rdIn ProgressAdventure, Comedy, Horror, Romance, Suspense, TragedyExplicitGeneral • 19229 words

This is a "tail" of a colt that will change Equestria forever. He will meet new and old friends and foes.

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Characters: Big Macintosh, Mane 6, Original Character(s), Prince Blueblood, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Spike
Profanity, Sex, ViolenceF/MOn HiatusAdventure, Human Crossover, Romance3rdExplicitGeneral • 37630 words

A US Marine Aviator is transported to Equestria via freak inter-dimensional wormhole. This is his story.

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Characters: Apple Bloom, Applejack, Big Macintosh, Cheerilee, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Derpy Hooves, Discord, Fluttershy, Gilda, Mane 6, Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Scootaloo, Soarin', Spike, Spitfire, Sweetie Belle, The Great and Powerful Trixie, The Wonderbolts, Twilight Sparkle
F/F, F/MDeath, Rape, Torture, ViolenceAdventure, Romance, TragedyIn ProgressExplicitGeneral • 3240 words



A story about minds of pony/pegasus/unicorn criminal minds 

Midnight thunder is a new recruit in reading the minds of a criminal but when a threat comes into him and notices victims that spoke up in closed cases are showing up dead he must find the killer before they strike again

Not a sequel to thunderstruck but another story entirely and yes there will be other stories with no connection to thunderstruck




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Characters: Big Macintosh, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash, Spike, Twilight Sparkle
CompleteDeath, Profanity, ViolenceAdventure, Comedy, Sci-FiExplicitGeneral • 1918 words

Contaings : Swearing, Gore,

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Characters: Rainbow Dash
Sex, UnderageF/FCompleteAdventure, Romance3rdExplicitGeneral • 6034 words
Little filly Rainbow Dash leaves her Cloudsdale home for another day of flight school when she encounters a mysterious blue mare.She's one part intimidating, one part alluring.Only later does Rainbow Dash realize that the mysterious mare is herself.
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Characters: Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle
Sex, ViolenceF/MCompleteAdventure, Human Crossover, Romance2ndExplicitGeneral • 7329 words
You wake up one day to find yourself mysteriously transported to a magical and threatening land. You find adventure. You find excitement. You find love.
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