Genre: Suspense
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Characters: Mane 6, Mrs. Cake
CompleteHorror, Suspense, Tragedy3rdDeath, Rape, Torture, ViolenceExplicitGeneral • 4276 words

There's a dark presence in ponyville, and it seems to target Pinkie Pie

[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash
CompleteComedy, Human Crossover, Romance, Suspense3rdS1F/FProfanity, SexExplicitGeneral • 3022 words

Hot steamy humanized Celestia/Dash dubcon devolves into crackfic.

[Reviews - 4]
Characters: Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle
Death, Torture, Violence3rdCompleteHorror, SuspenseExplicitGeneral • 6952 words

Twilight Sparkle has been a little down. Her friends have left Ponyville one by one on important errands. When a sudden invitation arrives from Pinkie Pie, informing her of a surprise party with all her friends, she's so excited by the idea she can't sleep! Celestia's cleverest student sets out early for Sugarcube Corner unaware that the 'surprise' waiting for her may not be entirely to her liking.

[Reviews - 8]
Characters: Apple Bloom, Original Character(s), Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle
Profanity, Sex3rdIn ProgressHuman Crossover, SuspenseExplicitGeneral • 3167 words
Rarity has a late night rendezvous, and the heat turns up as she is part of deep secrets and dark plots.
[Reviews - 3]
Characters: Mane 6, Original Character(s), Spike
Death3rdCompleteHorror, SuspenseExplicitGeneral • 9227 words
A pony goes missing in Ponyville and Twilight takes it on herself to find out why. However the closer she gets to solving it the more she wonders about her new friends and what they might be hiding...
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