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Open: Moderated
Canon: None
Genre: Comedy
Pairing: F/F
POV: 3rd
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Sex

Note: These are meant to be read in the order submitted. They are intended to be enjoyable as individual stories, however that are also intertwined in small ways. 

Party Like a Pegasus: After a due confrontation, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo find themselves on normal terms once again. Feeling the need to escape from her troubles in Ponyville, Rainbow offers Scootaloo the opportunity to join her in Cloudsdale for some much needed away time. 

A Night to Remember: Applejack takes part in one of Rarity's less publicized services. In doing so the two discover some shared hidden emotions for one another. 

Finding Kindness: Trixie has fled town once again, feeling beat and alone. However a particularly kind pony shows her how a few simple acts of kindness can change her life for the better. 

Sibling Rivalry: A fight between Fluttershy and Twilight causes the emotionally distressed unicorn to seek guidance from her teacher and princess, Celestia. But when her and Luna become locked it a contest, things get out of hoof faster than one might expect. 

Between the Lines: You've seen the show, you've know what happens. But do you ever wonder what's going on in the minds of our beloved little ponies? Or what happens during other moments of the show? I do, and this story is about what I think happens. 

Sugar Rush: Pinkie and Rainbow Dash try something extreme to have fun, but in doing so, discover they might have deeper feelings for one another. 

Gem Hunting: Rarity needs a new gem to complete a special gown. Spike holds the key to obtaining the rare and suiting gem, what lengths will Rarity go to in order to acquire this stunning stone. 

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