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Random Story
The Journey Of A Lifetime by starstarstarstarstar
Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle
CompleteHuman Crossover, RomanceSexExplicit
My first story about MLP, based on a guy named Adam who finds himself mysteriously in a magnificent land of ponies. Injured, he's taken care of by Fluttershy...
Gilda's Lesson by
Gilda, Original Character(s)
Profanity, Rape, Sex, Underage, ViolenceF/MIn ProgressAU3rdExplicit
Viewer Discretion is advised. A short series I'll be writing about a sadistic Gryphon and a little colt engaging in all sorts of fun! Well, fun...
- - -
Sunset for Sunset by
CompleteHorror, Human Crossover, Tragedy3rdF/FDeath, Profanity, Rape, Sex, Torture, Underage, ViolenceExplicit
Sunset Shimmer just got to the hoomyn world and needs a place to stay. The obvious solution is to murder the other her and take her place. Underage-futa-murder-rape...
- - -
Summer Rendezvous by
Diamond Tiara, Mane 6, Silver Spoon, Spike, Twist
In ProgressRomance1stF/FSex, UnderageExplicit
My version of the Summer Sun Celebration. 
- - -
Red Is The New Black by
Mane 6, Spike
On the eve of the thousandth year, the Demon known by the name "Alfir" will rise again. He will kill, yes he will, but then... The Demon shall not disappear...
- - -
filly foolin' 2 campout capers by
Apple Bloom
the continuation of hotsauce's filly foolin  
- - -
A Faded Rainbow by
Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Soarin', Spitfire
CompleteSuspense, Tragedy3rdDeath, Profanity, Rape, Sex, ViolenceExplicit
Zepher is a major charactor but theres no slection for him
- - -
Eight Octave Vinyl by
Octavia, Vinyl Scratch
a love story between Octavia and Vinyl
- - -
Like Lightning by
Original Character(s)
In ProgressRomance3rdAUF/MSexExplicit
Starring Moon Haze and Oynx Bolt What started as a simple little filly romance quickly turned into something more... sexual.
- - -
Applebloom's rise to fame. by
Big Macintosh
SexF/MIn Progress2ndExplicit
Applebloom finds herself in a rather sticky situation, but it soon bends to her will and she finds it is very useful. 
- - -
The Beast, the Princess, and the Derpy by starstarstarstarstar
Big Macintosh, Changelings, Cheerilee, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Derpy Hooves, Granny Smith, Mane 6, Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, Original Character(s), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Royal Guards, Zecora
In ProgressAdventure, Comedy, Romance, Suspense, Tragedy3rdAUF/F, F/MDeath, Profanity, Sex, Torture, ViolenceExplicit
A retired veteran guard returns home after years away, determined to find peace and a quiet life.  Fate, it seems, isnt feeling very accommodating. 
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