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A retired veteran guard returns home after years away, determined to find peace and a quiet life.  Fate, it seems, isnt feeling very accommodating. 

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Reviewer: Big Daddy Signed
Date: 04/02/13 Title: Chapter 1: An Eventful Evening

So, if you happen to have some artistic talent and do comissions, and you believe some of what you read here would be good visually, let me know.  Looking to get some images of these various shenanigans, and am of course willing to pay for your time and effort.

Reviewer: Big Daddy Signed
Date: 28/04/13 Title: Chapter 1: An Eventful Evening

10,000 views.  Ten. THOUSAND.  Holy damn.  I can honestly say, I wasn't expecting to reach this point at all, ever, when I first banged out chapter one.  To everyone who's read, to those that keep coming back and those who have shared their thoughts and support.  Thank you.  It's not over yet.  I still have quite a bit of story left ladies and gentlemen, or 'fillies and gentle colts' if you prefer.  No, like Behemoth, I'm not done quite yet.  Thanks again.