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Stories by RagingSemi
Characters: Applejack, Rainbow Dash
SexF/FComplete3rdExplicitGeneral • 2536 words

What happened after Rainbow Dash and Applejack ran off together.

[Reviews - 5]
Characters: Twilight Sparkle
SexF/FComplete3rdExplicitGeneral • 3104 words

Twilight x Twilight's mom

[Reviews - 5]
Characters: The Great and Powerful Trixie
CompleteComedy3rdF/MSexExplicitGeneral • 3947 words

Pokey Pierce, dancer extraordinaire and flamboyant homosexual, has just lost a talent competition and goes out for drinks with another loser.  He's only just beginning to meet the Great and Powerful Trixie.

[Reviews - 3]
Characters: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash
SexF/FComplete3rdExplicitGeneral • 5260 words

Humanzied Luna x Celestia x Dash

[Reviews - 5]
Characters: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
F/FSex3rdExplicitGeneral • 2210 words

Humanized Luna x Celestia.  Luna's just gotten back from the moon.  She hasn't seen her sister in 1,000 years.  Damn is she horny.

[Reviews - 8]
Characters: Princess Luna
Sex3rdCompleteExplicitGeneral • 4148 words

Princess Luna is going through some old notes that Twilight left behind when she moved to Ponyville.  She finds them very intersting.  You might even say... stimulating.

[Reviews - 5]
Characters: The Mayor, Twilight Sparkle
SexF/FComplete3rdExplicitGeneral • 1814 words

Twilight x Mayor Mare

[Reviews - 3]
Characters: Rainbow Dash
SexF/FComplete3rdExplicitGeneral • 1928 words

Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy

[Reviews - 3]
Characters: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle
SexF/FComplete3rdExplicitGeneral • 1777 words

Rarity and Twilight go out on a double date.  They get ditched.  So they go to dinner with each other.  Then they both go back to Twilight's place.

[Reviews - 5]
Characters: Applejack, Big Macintosh
Sex, UnderageF/MComplete3rdExplicitGeneral • 2673 words

Filly Applejack x Little Big Mac

[Reviews - 1]