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I'm a High School student (almost College) and I've gotten into writing, after reading a few mlp fanfics, I decided that I should give it a try, and finally had a good idea, My Little Spartans (I'll post that later) as well as a shipping: Octavia x Rarity (will also be posted) and finally I was given a writing assignment, a gore/grotesque writing short story, and decided a pony fanfic much like cupcakes would do, and so Dresses was born, and I decided shortly after, I need to upload these one day, so others may read it. And here I am, showing terrible things that you don't ever want to think about, things that make you laugh and cry, and of course things that make you say "Why couldn't they actually do that in the show." Either way, here I am, read my stuff, and please leave some comments

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just to transfer text


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This is a fanfic much like Cupcakes except for Rarity, making her lovely dresses. All mane characters die, except Twilight (Luna and Celestia don't die either) and is the goriest thing I have ever writen. It was for a school project, and I'm still continuing it, so I hope you al can enjoy it, please read warnings, and don't be affraid because I already warned you

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