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Well, not much to tell really yet, I've done a little art on Deviant with the same username, I am working on something, but am not wanting to release anything until I feel it's ready. For now I'm here to read and review the writings of my fellow bronies, just trying to help everyone write a little better, or gush if the writing is to perfect for words,haha.

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Stories by BronyJ
Characters: Braeburn, Octavia
In ProgressComedy, Romance, Slice-of-Life3rdS2F/MProfanityExplicitGeneral • 6467 words

Octavia is taking a train from Canterlot to the Crystal Empire, but it's been sabotaged by some scoundrels. Stranded in Appleloosa, she must fend for herself until the gentlecolt, Braeburn offers her a place to stay. Then things really heat up.

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