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Although I graduated with a degree in English (and with a concentration in creative writing), I am relatively new to the fanfic scene. But that doesn't mean that I've been taking things easy; since I've started writing in January, I've completed 5 stories, and have 2 that are currently under production. I love writing funny slice-of-life fics, but I also like to do ship fics, and I've just recently tried writing a couple of clop fics. One thing I have to say is that, no matter what I'm writing, I always have a great time doing it and I'm so happy that I became part of this fandom so I can have a place to practice my writing and share it within a community of great people.

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Stories by lrft4_san
Characters: Twilight Sparkle
CompleteRomance3rdF/MSexExplicitGeneral • 7435 words

A robot assistant. Strong, efficient, and happy to follow any command you give it, making your life a whole lot easier. That's what Twilight Sparkle thought when she purchased Valiant, a robot personal assistant, from an advertisement she found in a magazine. Little does she know, her new "assistant's" list of functions don't include sorting books, or dusting shelves. In fact, it isn't until her friends tell her exactly what it is that she purchased that Twilight realizes that she has made one of the biggest blunders of her life. Or has she?

[Reviews - 7]
Characters: Original Character(s), Vinyl Scratch
CompleteRomance, Slice-of-Life, Tragedy1stF/MSexExplicitGeneral • 30745 words

Late one rainy night, two strangers bond over a bottle of whisky, then enter into a relationship.

[Reviews - 5]
Characters: Derpy Hooves, Original Character(s)
CompleteHuman Crossover, Romance, Slice-of-Life1stF/MSexExplicitGeneral • 15613 words

Sam is a human who has been living quite a happy life in the small town of Ponyville (a little town filled with brightly colorful, talking equines) for the past year and a half. He has a good job at the post office, a roof over his head, and a best friend named Derpy Hooves. But what happens when Derpy decides she's ready to take their relationship to the next level? Now Sam is faced with a choice; commit to his old world's beliefs about interspieces relationships, or embrace his new life, and tell the cute, cross-eyed mare that he's been living with ever since he fell out of the sky that he loves her too.

[Reviews - 6]
Characters: Octavia, Original Character(s)
CompleteRomance, Slice-of-Life1stF/MProfanity, SexExplicitGeneral • 14977 words

Indie rock guitarist and singer Stratocaster has been dating concert cellist Octavia for four very happy years. Well almost happy; while they both love each other very much, the two have never had sex. To make matters worse, Stratocaster's twin sister, famed DJ, Vinyl Scratch, likes to tease her brother constantly about this fact, going so far as to telling him that she'd be more than happy to take Octavia off her brother's hands. Will a slight "mix up" at their hotel help Strat and Tavi finally take the final plunge? Only one way to find out.

Contains Octavia X OC shipping, first person POV, and anthro ponies

[Reviews - 7]
Characters: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Soarin'
CompleteRomance, Slice-of-Life3rdF/MSexExplicitGeneral • 8300 words

During the summer, every sexually active mare in Equestria falls victim to what is known as the "Summer Heat;" three consecutive days during the summer months when a mare's pleasure receptors become overly sensitive and she give's off a heavy dose of pheromones that attract stallions. Nopony fully understands what causes this phenmoenon (not even Princesses Celestia or Luna), but what is known is that Each pony comes down with it at different times, and that unlike a normal heat during a mare's cycle, the summer heat does not normally result in pregnancy (unless of course the two just happen to come at the same time...but that is not the case in this matter). Also, when left "untreated," the summer heat can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences a mare can endure. Still, it's nothing that a good rutting won't cure, right? Unfortunately for Fluttershy, her fiance, Soarin', is away performing with the Wonderbolts for the weekend, and unbeknownst to him, poor Fluttershy has been left alone to fend off her first bout of the summer heat on her own. Hopefully with some unexpected help, Fluttershy might just be able to fight off the summer heat.

[Reviews - 7]
Characters: Fluttershy, Rarity, Soarin'
CompleteRomance, Slice-of-Life3rdF/MSexExplicitGeneral • 13946 words

Fluttershy and Soarin' have been happily dating for over three years, and their relationship has been practically perfect, except for one thing: they've never been intimate. It's not that they haven't wanted to, but Fluttershy's never been able to work up the courage to approach her coltfriend about the subject, so she turns to the one pony she's sure can help her with her problems: Rarity, who gives her some good advice and a new outfit.

This fic was inspired by

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