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Just your average brony. Say that anyone other than Twilight is best pony and I'll have you turned into a Cupcake. So far, I do take requests on both this site and Facebook.

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Stories by PrinceNightstar
Characters: Braeburn, Octavia
In ProgressComedy, Romance, Slice-of-Life3rdS2F/MProfanityExplicitGeneral • 6467 words

Octavia is taking a train from Canterlot to the Crystal Empire, but it's been sabotaged by some scoundrels. Stranded in Appleloosa, she must fend for herself until the gentlecolt, Braeburn offers her a place to stay. Then things really heat up.

[Reviews - 6]
Characters: Original Character(s)
ViolenceF/MIn ProgressAdventure3rdExplicitGeneral • 537 words
An ancient goddess who rules the Underworld heralds several new souls into her twisted domain. Heroes, villains, innocent, and guilty will fall into the depths of Hell to play the many games that this demoness has concocted. Not for the faint of heart.
[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Original Character(s)
In ProgressAdventure, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Tragedy3rdAUF/MDeath, Profanity, ViolenceExplicitGeneral • 3565 words
A stallion meets the mare of his dreams, but her father disapproves and forbids them from seeing each other.
[Reviews - 4]
Characters: Original Character(s), Other BG Pony
In ProgressAdventure, Comedy, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Suspense, Tragedy3rdAUF/MDeath, Profanity, Sex, Torture, ViolenceExplicitGeneral • 1346 words
Daring Do, famous treasure hunter, has gone to all corners of Equestria, and found many treasures. Yet the only treasure that continues to elude her resides in the hearts of two very different stallions. Love. She cares about them both, but she knows she can only pick one. Which will it be? The calm, cool-headed Shadow Wyvern, or the gallant, brave Indiana Colt?
[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Mane 6
Death3rdIn ProgressHorrorExplicitGeneral • 1451 words

Twilight Sparkle is in a bit of a mess. One of her spells transformed her into a vampony, and she now craves the blood of her friends. Can she be stopped in time to save her friends? Or is all of Ponyville dommed to extermination from this new threat?

[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Mane 6, Mrs. Cake, Octavia, Original Character(s), Other BG Pony, Royal Guards, Shining Armor, The Mayor, Vinyl Scratch
Death, Torture, Violence3rdCompleteAdventure, Horror, Suspense, TragedyExplicitGeneral • 3573 words
Directly after the events of the legendary "Cupcakes", Pinkamina is captured and put on trial for her crimes. Her assistants and only remaining friends, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom, are also being held on trial. Read along as Sweetie Belle, the only living pony to, with all her sanity, re-lives the events firsthand.
[Reviews - 3]
Characters: The Great and Powerful Trixie
CompleteComedy, Romance2ndAUF/MProfanity, SexExplicitGeneral • 3370 words

One-shot fanfic. You spend a night with The Great and Powerful Trixie. Like the title says, it's the best night you'll never forget.

[Reviews - 9]
Characters: Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie, Rarity
CompleteAdventure, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Suspense, Tragedy1stAUF/MProfanity, Sex, ViolenceExplicitGeneral • 1098 words

Inspired by the song by SoundoftheAviators, a unicorn named Nightstar left his special somepony and is now angry at himself, until he finds love in one of Ponyville's happiest ponies.

[Reviews - 3]