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Hello, and this is TheKnight21js. You can also call me, Knight, and TK21js.


I also do my other fan fictions over at I'm going to stick to that place, along with this, because, really, I have stuff already done and groups made that are good over at FIMfiction. That and I do other stuff, such as Movie/Game reviews and commentraires on FIMfiction.


Incase if you do want to check me out, it's under the same name, so you shouldn't have to go through a lot of trouble of finding it.


Also, just to make it clear, I only do Mature or explcit rated content for fan fics wise. In fact, I don't think I have a single fan fic idea where it's not adult rated. It's just how i roll. And I have everything from sex,gore,launguage, and just wrong and racits jokes. However, with the jokes, they are obviously not meant to be taken seriously.


As for the launguage part, I may curse from time to time on my fics, but in real life I don't and can be cool to talk to sometimes.


As for other things, I found this website through Equestria After Dark, which I found that website through Banned from Equestria Daily game, which I found it through just to check if 1.5 has a release date. When that game will ever be updated, I wil never know.


Also, the reason why i'm also putting my fics up on here, is because the rules on FIMfiction are sort of strict on what you put there, and it kind of made me a bit pissed that I could refrence anything about fan fics, nor refrencing FIMfiction at all. At read the rules and stuff here, and it seems to be a whole lot better over here. In fact, I might have one fic that is just exclusivly over here. It's where i refrence FIMfiction a lot, but, fuck it. I don't want to change the fic, so I can just get it up on FIMfiction that no one cares about and shit.

Anyways, i'm also doing this as sort of an experiment. I'm starting to wonder, the reason why no one reads my shit over on FIMfiction is because, maybe because of it's mature content. Although, I do have the rating on it, but still. It' could also be of people not giving it a chance. I really don't know, so i'm just going to see what I get from over on this website. Hopefully everything goes well.


Also, heres some other shit that isn't really important.


My gamertags, just in case.


XBOX LIVE: TheKnight21js (Note that i don't go on Xbox that often. i'm mostly a SONY fan for gaming wise.)


In case if you ever want to contact me, my email is

Just in case.


So, yea, whatever.

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'A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIC' My name is Knight. I have traveled to other universes and I am now in the My Little Pony universe. What happens to me is the weirdest shit that you will ever read in your life.


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What if the characters from Universal Magic had alternate universes, where they had the same type of situation as in other popular fan fics, but parodyed.


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It has been over 2000 years since Celestia had seen her. Now, she has breaken from her prison, and is out to kill Celestia. Celestia had been dreading this day for a long time, and sadly, the Elements of Harmony cannot protect her for what is to come on Hearth Warming's day. Now, her only hope lies within the 7th Element of Harmony.

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Not all Plushies are seem to what they made out to be...

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We all know the tale of Nightmare Moon. We all know the how she was used againist the Elements of Harmony and was turned good once again and was no longer evil. But...what if I told you, that all of that was a lie? What if...Luna faked it, and was still evil?

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He's back mother fuckers! He's back for round 2! John eventually find a golden ticket inside a black guy pony, and he goes to Cantorlot.

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What would happen, if the Royoco's Cup of Soup guy were to go to Equestria?

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A story about a pony named John and his day in Ponyville.

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Twilight always dreamed of reaching for the clouds She always wanted to get close to it. So, she changed into an Alicorn to do so.

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