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Hello everyone, my name is basically TJ, I love to create, draw, and think of ideas, and one way to get my ideas out there is to make Fan Fiction. I won't lie I can speak very well, but my writting is different, as is my mind. so please rate and review it will help me in the long run 

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Stories by ShootingStar213
Characters: Pinkie Pie
AdventureIn ProgressExplicitGeneral • 3250 words

A war has broken across Equestria, Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia are locked in a never ending struggle for dominance. When the war takes a turn for Nightmare Moon, Celestia and her Sun army must do all they can to stop the Moon army from controlling all of Equestria by any means, and when a new guy joins the Sun army, a old spark of hope glows threw all the Sun army, and Victory might be closer than ever before for peace and harmony. 

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Characters: Original Character(s)
In ProgressAdventure3rdViolenceExplicitGeneral • 11885 words

What if the elements of Harmony were split up? What if friend had to fight friend for survivle? What if Canterlot was devided all do to one new person coming to Ponyville? MLP Civil war happens. Shooting Star has caused Canterlot to fall into a civil war all because of a debt of his. Now he must undo what he has done before the harmany in the world falls appart.

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