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An author of pony fiction and a wide variety of literature. I believe in freedom of speech and do not tolerate stupidity. People should respect the rights of others, and have their own rights respected in turn. You can't have a fandom and pick and choose which subsets to accept. That's why I'm expanding onto this site where I won't be constantly harassed for minor infringements such as having to delete a chapter because "ain't no rest for the wicked" is the title of a copyrighted song, when it was in fact a saying thousands of years old.

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Characters: Octavia
CompleteRomance3rdS2F/FSexExplicitGeneral • 2647 words

Vinyl never wants to take Octavia out on a normal date—like to a restaurant. Even when Vinyl takes Octavia out to enjoy a fair, the pony can’t resist her wild streak. Octavia soon finds herself in a carnival stall at the mercy of her lover.

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