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So... if you haven't read my story yet, you should. But here's the jist of it: I've managed to cross dimensions and alter them at my whim.Crazieness ensures.

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 It was a dull Tuesday in December, and I had been suffering sleep-loss for the last week due to a constant portal-like noise from under my bed. Today, my BS meter was officially overflowed, so in a fit of annoyance, I flipped the mattress and bedspring on their side, and took a look at the source of the mysterious sounds. The portal was a spinning blue and white disk where my Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 used to lay. I tried to look closer, then tripped on one of the crates under my bed, (Mental note: remember to fix those things) I fell face first into the hole and everything went black. The next thing i know I'm in the Canterlot Castle as a alicorn, I'm gonna have a problem.

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